Michael Losier Full Day Seminar    
Michael Losier Full Day Seminar

"LIVE A FULFILING LIFE" SEMINAR How To Apply Law of Attraction and NLP into Your Everyday Life for Success

Law of Attraction

Attracting negative things or people to your life? Law of Attraction still not working for you? Want to change the kind of customers you are attracting to your business? Want to have more positive experiences in key areas of your life?

You will learn how to uncover why you are attracting what you don't want and start attracting what you do want using Law of Attraction - a Simple 3-Step Process.

Law of Connection

Not connecting well with others? Do you find yourself breaking rapport with certain people? Do others sometimes misunderstand your ideas or instructions or not 'get you'?

Learn more about your communication and learning style, and most importantly learn the other 3 styles - the ones you may not be connecting well with. You will also learn how to detect the style of others so you connect and build healthy relationships both in your personal and professional life.

Fulfillment Needs

Unsure of the purpose of your life? Feeling unfulfilled in your personal or professional life or at work? Don't even know what would fulfill you?

You will learn and understand more about the purpose of your life and learn what would fulfill you in your personal and business life so you can live your life's purpose.


Who Should Attend?

CEOs, Directors, Managers, Supervisors, HR, Business Owners, Coaches, Trainers, Teachers, Parents and Studentsnts.

17th October 2015 (Saturday)


9am - 5pm


Conference Room (Matrix Global Schools)
Bandar Sri Sendayan,
Negeri Sembilan

Registration Fees

Early Bird (7th October 2015)
RM 699 per pax

Special for Matrix school parents
RM 599 per pax *
(inclusive 6% GST)


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This training program and the coaching sessions have taught me that the most important thing is the Words-Results relationship.Whenever I see myself in a spiraling downward motion, I hit my "Reset Button"and anchor my feeling to a positive state...
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